Ospf redundancy

Device# show ip ospf 1 nsr Standby RP Operating in duplex mode Redundancy state: STANDBY HOT Peer redundancy state: ACTIVE ISSU negotiation complete ISSU versions compatible Routing Process "ospf 1" with ID NSR configured Checkpoint message sequence number: 3290 Standby synchronization state: synchronized Bulk sync operations: 1 Last

I want to watch the kentucky derby

May 04, 2019 · It tied Giacomo (2005) for the second-biggest upset in Derby history, behind only Donerail's record 91-1 victory in 1913. Watch the race again below. Even 10 years later it's still worth two minutes.

Live word cup

1986 marked the first time that the World Cup had extensive live cable and network television coverage in the United States. ESPN carried most of the weekday matches while NBC did weekend games. To be more specific, NBC aired seven matches, including the "Hand of God" quarterfinal , with broadcasters on-site.

Iphone won t respond to touch

Method 1. What If Your Touch Screen Is Totally Unresponsive. When your touch screen is totally frozen on a screen and won't respond at all, it is usually caused by some software errors. You can fix the software problems very easily using a tool called iMyFone D-Back. This application helps you get your iOS devices back to normal, even if you've

Free open vpn servers

At the Wulichong tea garden, south Yunnan’s Mengzi city, tea leaves are kneaded by a grinder which is tied to a rotating water wheel. Because the grinder is indirectly driven by flowing water, local people also call the tea thus made "water-milled tea".

Lan proxy software

H ow to use PD-Proxy and how to install PD proxy in windows. Proxy is tunneling software that guards our content. PD-Proxy uses VPN technology through which you can have secure browsing over the internet. PD-Proxy works in all windows versions like Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.