Choose to restart from windows, and as soon as you hear the mac boot "chime" hold down "alt" on the keyboard. There should be an option for your two boot volumes on your screen, just use the keyboard to move over to the macOS volume and press return. I'm no developer or computer engineer but i imagine it has something to do with the new Apple

What If Mac Won't or Stuck on Restart After Update? Get Jul 20, 2020 Mac won't restart or shutdown - Apple Community Apr 13, 2009 [Solved] Mac Won't Boot into Recovery Mode Four Ways to Fix "Mac Won't Boot into Recovery Mode" In some instances, Mac users try to resolve some common disk errors or some other issue with Mac and they find out that the Mac recovery mode is stuck. If the Mac won’t boot into recovery mode, it means you have to use the Internet connection and Apple server to look for a possible solution.

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Aug 10, 2019