The Hellfire Club are among the X-Men's most dangerous foes - and the secretive society was inspired by Britain's version of The Avengers.Marvel's version of the Hellfire Club were created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne in 1980, and they played a key role in the classic Dark Phoenix Saga.But, behind the scenes, their story is absolutely fascinating.

Before Jean Grey became The Dark Phoenix, she played a key role as the black queen of The Hellfire Club’s inner circle. Mastermind’s psychic influences nudged her to realize her true power & eventual transformation. We wanted to look at Jean’s story, examining the influence of the Inner Circle. Classic Marvel Forever - MSH Classic RPG | Hellfire Club Hellfire Club. The Hellfire Club originated in England in the 1760s as a social organization for the elite of British society. The Club not only provided its members with pleasures, often of sorts that violated moral standards of the time, but also served as a means for the members to consolidate their influence over British economic and political matters. Marvel Legends SDCC 2020 Exclusives Revealed by Hasbro 2020-7-22 · The Hellfire Club is priced at $79.99, which is a great price for such an incredible box set that comes with four amazing figures. Credit: Hasbro "MARVEL LEGENDS SERIES 6-INCH X-MEN MARVEL'S LOGAN

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2020-5-20 · The Hong Kong Branch of the Hellfire Club was first seen in X-Men Vol 2 #104, and only one named member was the leader of this branch - Liu Wo-Han. Los Angeles Branch. The previous Inner Circle of the Los Angeles Branch of the Hellfire Club was seen in X-Treme X-Men #43. The current Inner Circle was seen in X-Man #22.

Who were the Hellfire Club? | The Hellfire Club The infamous organisation known as the Hellfire Club are the subject of many tales of debauchery and evil deeds. But just how true are these stories? Club des damnés — Wikipédia 2020-7-23 · Origine du Club. Le club des damnés a été créé par Chris Claremont et John Byrne.Il apparaît pour la première fois dans Uncanny X-Men numéro 100, en 1976, sous le nom : The Council of chosen, et en 1980, sous le nom Hellfire Club [1].Son nom Hellfire Club est tiré d'un club anglais ayant réellement existé au XVIII e siècle. Les personnages de John Byrne, cependant, sont largement The Hellfire Club Explained! | Earth's Mightiest Show | Marvel