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Subscribers get access to our entire news network, including unlimited content across more than 20 Midwest news sites. php - What kind of scripts are being used to detect Using the HTTP Header should be better as this is what is was designed for, it should also work when the user is behind a proxy server (depends on the type though). However it's up to you which method you use. EDIT: It's probably best to use the first method. Authorize Requests | People API | Google Developers Jun 11, 2020

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Updated March 1, 2020 · Author has 10.8K answers and 13.1M answer views Note that "http" is sometimes called an acronym but properly it's an initialism not an acronym because nobody pronounces it as a word, they pronounce it as a series of letters: h-t-t-p. Are HTTP and HTTPS the Same Thing? - Lifewire