Jan 31, 2020

Mar 27, 2020 Get Ubuntu - Microsoft Store Jul 10, 2017 5 Reasons Why Linux Mint is Better Than Ubuntu in 2020 Jan 01, 2020 Ubuntu Basics - What's Ubuntu, and how is it different Ubuntu is a distribution -- or distro -- of Linux.In Linux lingo, a distribution is a version of the operating system that has the Linux kernel as its foundation. There are literally hundreds of different Linux distros out in the wild. Many are free and have communities of …

Apr 04, 2020

How to Install Ubuntu 20.04 [Step by Step Beginner's Guide] Apr 24, 2020 Linux vs Ubuntu | Find Out The Top 8 Awesome Comparison Ubuntu is based on Linux kernel and it is one of the Linux distributions, a project started by South African, Mark Shuttle worth. Ubuntu is the most used type of Linux based operating system in desktop installations. Ubuntu provides a friendly operating system and stable enough which is targeted toward the average computer user.

Apr 06, 2018

Lubuntu is a fast and lightweight operating system with a clean and easy-to-use user interface. It is a Linux system, that uses the minimal desktop LXDE/LXQT, and a selection of light applications. Because of this, Lubuntu has very low hardware requirements. Lubuntu was founded by Mario Behling and has been grown for many years by Julien Lavergne. A Beginner’s Ubuntu Linux Guide